30 days of wild: day 5 return to school, release the butterflies

Today saw me return back to school after the half term holiday. Getting up that Monday motivation was lacking. I went out to water the patio plants. I noticed a lot of tiny snails on the bushes and stopped to do wild act of  go slow with a snail. While they may be a nuisance in the garden their slow pace and way of slithering is fascinating to watch.


In work the children have been very excited to see the painted lady butterflies. A number stood watching for the first half an hour of choosing.

This week our talk for writing focus is we’re going on a bear hunt. So we have a basic bear hunt outside to look for the seven types of bears in the world. They have been hidden around the outdoor classroom. Not the most exciting idea, but the kids latched onto the idea. I’ve had some good discussions about the types of bear today.


Alongside reading bear hunt I will also be reading Jackie Morris-something about a bear. This beautifully illustrated book teaches children the different type of bear across the globe.


Sadly it rained most of the day, so I ended up releasing the butterflies after school with one of the other teachers. The forecast shows rain till Thursday, so as it had cheered up after school I wanted to let them go in sun. Not so much a spectacular snowstorm of butterflies as some reluctant farewells. The butterflies were released into one of my garden plots at school where they mostly settled on the flowers for a last snack before heading south.



While I’ve been at work Alice has been getting wild at nursery heading out into the wooded area for what the nursery label forest school. However as it is a two week event as part of a run of nursery groups it will annoy the trademarked forest school practioners. Irrelevant in Alice’s case though as the activities are a bit beyond her currently. She sat with a bug hunt clipboard quite happily though. But I like getting the messages at dinner time showing me she’s busy.

So made it through the first day back at work. Tomorrow we’ll see what day six brings.

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