30 days of wild: Day 4 butterfly banquet, music in the gardens

Today I used the 30 days app to assign a random act of wild. The first that came up was simple enough to feed the butterflies. So as we had some over ripe fruit in the bowl out it went for the butterflies. I haven’t seen any takers today, but from previous experience the butterflies tend to like the fruit when it’s gone a bit pungent. As there are plenty of flowers in bloom currently the butterflies may not be interested. However in Autumn leaving out fruit in this way can really benefit the butterflies.


Then this afternoon we headed out to the memorial gardens. Hornsea has a new band stand and there are musical events planned across the Summer. Today was the Driffield Silver Band.


There was a good turn out. Many people came to enjoy the music and sun. Alice wanted to get a bit closer to the action.



Her cousins joined her, although not sure what they made of the brass music from their faces. But I rather it was rather jolly.


So Evie and Alice went to explore more of the gardens.

The gardens are looking lush with some daisies attracting lots of bees._DSC1135

Then back for another barbecue in the sun, more eating out. Tomorrow I return back to work, so it will be time to start 30 days wild with my class.

One last picture from my own garden today. The garden is full of dragonflies at the moment and this one obligingly posed on one of the roses in glorious full bloom.


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