30 days wild 2017: day 1 dens, apps, bees

Today marks the first day of the wildlife trusts 30 days of wild. Each day of June I will be indulging in one act of wild. Each of these are a small act of nature appreciation. From enjoying a cuppa outdoors, listening to the dawn chorus, to taking walks in nature. They will vary from quick 2 minute activities to whole excursions out.

Last year I managed to do something each day, but some days were quieter than others. However this year I am working back, teaching, in Foundation Stage so have more opportunities to be outside at work. Alice, my toddler, is now walking and is keen to explore. So this year I think we can manage more than last year. One aim, for me this month, is to improve my knowledge of nature. From doing 30 days wildlast year I’ve learnt lots, but again I want to go further. So with this in mind I’m going to be writing focus features on different wildlife I see regularly.

The 30 days wild has a wonderful online community with a active Facebook group, twitter hashtag #30dayswild and a whole host of bloggers. If you’d like your Facebook wall to have something other than election fever I’d recommend signing up to the Facebook group.

Me and Alice started off the day quietly catching up on BBC Springwatch episodes 2 and 3. Alice seemed quite interested in the newts, but not as excited by the jays as Michella and Chris were. She went back off to play.


She did however perk up for the owls and went to one of her toy boxes and pulled out owl. Coincidence or signs of cognition?


After her morning nap we drove across to Hull to meet family for a swim, then back for lunch at my parents in their garden. Since I did thirty days last year my dad has added a lot for nature. He’s always fed the birds, but has branched out a lot with more insect homes, frogilo, hedgehog feeding stations and hedgehog gaps.

My parents garden has has always been well looked after and is all looking good right now. The alliums and delphiniums were seeing lots of Bee action. I logged a few sightings for the Great British Bee Count achieving my first random act of wild for 30 days, follow a Bee. Predominantly white tailed bumblebees with a few early bumblebees.

Alice achieved a second act of wild by playing in her den. Cheating a bit as it was a tent rather than built from scratch. But getting it together was a hassle. It is however a ladybird, which adds to its wild credentials. I will be building dens properly later in the month for den day.

Alice got a new tea set amongst other lovely presents from her great aunt. She enjoyed walking around with it immensely.


The nephews were bug hunting with strange hover devices. In my day it was a pooter and if you were lucky you didn’t swallow any bugs. They did catch one wasp, which was released before becoming too enraged and a lot of woodlice.


And then squeezed one last wild act in. I installed the wildlife trust nature finder app.

Not bad for the first day of 30 days. 3 acts covered.

  • playing in the den.
  • follow a Bee.
  • Download the nature finder app.

4 thoughts on “30 days wild 2017: day 1 dens, apps, bees”

  1. That was a lovely post. I never saw the word “frogilo” before. When I asked online, an Amazon page appeared, and all the prices were in pounds. I wonder if that means this is foreign to Americans. If I bought one, would American frogs or toads know what to do with it?


    1. They provide a hibernation space. A flowerpot buried half in soil does the same job, but these look nice. Your area of the US should still have a climate where frogs and toads hibernate, so should still serve a purpose. Mine has only had passing visitors, but we have a big messy compost heap full of various hibernating creatures in winter.


      1. Thank you! Most interesting! We hear frogs down by the little stream, but we don’t see them. I wonder if they would travel as far as our garden.


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