Garden update

Having updated on the school garden yesterday I thought I’d update on my own garden as a few flowers have come into bloom. Last year entering the 30 days of wild we were living in our previous house. The garden was nice, but we were surrounded by paved over gardens and little wildlife of any sort came in. The new house is surrounded by other gardens containing trees and flowers bringing a greater biodiversity. The big garden birdwatch saw double figures of species. The newly relaunched Great British Bee Hunt is seeing a greater variety of bees in my garden. I’ve made good steps towards making the garden welcoming to wildlife.

In the last few days the first cornflower has bloomed.


I have the fist daisy flowering in the border amongst the forget me nots. I believe it’s camomile, although I do have oxeye daisies as well. I’ve already seen a few butterflies coming down to settle on it. Just one flowering daisy already making the difference.

The foxgloves are set to flower. I love foxgloves, so I’m keen to get them established and then hopefully they’ll reseed. Great for the bees and very pretty at he back of the border. Mine have been chewed a lot, but I’ve tried to remain spray free to encourage all life.


The lavender has come back strong. I cut it back a lot at he end of Autumn as advised and it’s flowering well this year.


My alliums are looking good. I’ve seen quite a bit of alliums over the last week on the Chelsea Flower Show coverage. There clearly a bit of a trend at the moment. Mine I believe are Turkish onion.

The first of the roses to flower has done so spectacularly. It was a bit limp last year, but after a harsh pruning it has come back surrounding the butterfly house beautifully.


So this year I’ll be starting the 30 days wild with my own little wildlife space looking much stronger than last year. Only a few days to go until the big month. I managed one wild act every day last year. I’ll have to see if I do as well this year.

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