School update

Today is the start of the half term holiday, but over the last week I’ve made a bit further progress with my F2 (reception year) playground.

I’ve painted one of the planters smartening it up a bit.

The kids have got the message not to climb through, so the bamboo has been removed. The flowers have taken well now.


The music area has had some bunting added for decoration.


Next to the music area the TAs have started to tart up the stage by adding curtains. I’ve seen some good performances over the week.


Between the trees the TAs have added some mobiles.


Within the garden the first two plots are dug over and planting has started. The soil is pretty poor and becomes clay at a spades depth, so will need to look at the children collecting the leaves from our trees for mulch come Autumn.

I’ve planted a dwarf apple tree in the corner as the children often play at planting their pips. I thought it would add to our discussions of the seasons with the blossom and fruit. In Ben Law’s woodsmen he pushed the message of the importance of planting fruit trees ready for a less carbon reliant world, so thought I’d make a start.

I’ve also gone for lavender and rosemary, as they are drought tolearant for if the garden is neglected. I used some potting grit to help with the drainage as that’s often an issue for both. I’m not sure I’ll keep them in the current positions, but wanted them in the ground.

In the middle plot I’ve gone for an acer variety that’s meant to stay small. Again like the apple tree it will help add seasonal interest for discussing with the kids. It’ll be a few years though to get it to a decent height.


A hydrangea and bedding plants are adding some instant colour. The bedding plants should self seed for next year hopefully.

The last plot is still a wilderness, but it’s bringing in lots of bug life for now. Step by step making an area the kids and staff can be happy to be in. Lots more to go, but from a month ago it’s moving on.


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