Garden and school update

At work the TAs have been working hard to spruce up the outdoor area. There is an area with posts, which so far I’ve used for den building. Apart from that though it’s underused. They have set up a threading area encouraging gross and fine motor skills.


They’ve given the allotment fence a lick of paint and added some number flowers to the fence. They won’t last for long outside, but might manage a few observations showing the children recognise numbers to 20.


They discovered paint and have now brightened up the bench, so we now have a minion bench.


It’s all little things, but it livens up the area a bit and hopefully allows staff and kids to take some pride in the area as we develop it.

My own garden is looking nice at the moment with lots of shades of lilac and pink coming out. Here are a few high lights.


The roses last year were badly eaten, but theyve been cut back and have come back stronger for it. I’m not a fan of roses as I dislike gardening gloves, so get spiked lots. However I can appreciate a nice large bloom.



Some of these he bulbs I planted last year have come into bloom. I’d forgotten what they were, but I’m assuming there some sort of allium. Lovely structure.


The rose campion is doing well. I had one in my last garden, last year, and liked the little pink flowers it produces, so bought another. The lavender from last year has come back stronger.

The bluebells near the shed are doing well. There adding a nice dash of colour I can see nicely as a patch of blue from the kitchen table. I’m trying to encourage a patch of native bluebells in the shade that will hopefully spread.


Still spaces to fill and next year I’d like to have better seasonal coverage, but it’s getting better all the time.

2 thoughts on “Garden and school update”

  1. It’s good getting the kids involved, almost like learning through absorption. Hopefully seeing you showing an interest in the environment will filter through and they will take the information home with them.


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