Garden birds

Over the last few weeks the variety of birds in the garden had dropped off. The seagulls, pigeons and crows seemed to be scaring everything off. But the last few days it’s been getting busy again.

The pigeons and crows are still in regularly.

The collared doves have been checking in.

The starlings have been visiting on their rounds.

The blue tits and great tits are back, although only photographed the great tit.

A jackdaw visiting the feeder. The hood nice and clear seperating it from its crow cousin.

Alongside these I’ve seen song thrushes, robins, wrens and the usual blackbird. The only regular yet to return are the chaffinches. Hopefully see them again soon.

I also came across my copy of Matt Sewell’s-spotting and jotting guide. This delightful little book has Matt’s paintings of each bird and little witty descriptions. A handy little guide for watching your garden. Useful for keeping on a windowsill or Summer house.

One thought on “Garden birds”

  1. I enjoyed the photos of the birds. When we lived in England, I had a bird book and tried to identify all the birds that came to our feeder. This brings back wonderful memories.


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