Bank Holiday Stroll

Yesterday saw a family walk down to Hornsea Freeport shopping village. This clocked up a good few miles there and back. 

We took the walk along the old railway line. I was expecting lots of butterflies and bees, but there were few out. There was however lots of hoverflies, interesting in there own right. I’ve written about the mimicry of these cunning little insects before, but still remarkable insects.

We went through the graveyard, where the blossom is still looking good both on the trees and carpeting the path.

A robin was singing away in the trees.

On the way back saw a wren settled on a wire. I can never resist snapping a bird on a wire for the Leonard Cohen reference.

Then back by the seafront. The tide was out a long way. Families were drifting away having come for their Bank Holiday beach visits. It was time for them to head for fish and chips. With Sullivan’s still closed the other chippies are doing well.

It was rather nice having the three day weekend. Normally they fall in the school holiday so I don’t gain. Good to have the extra family time. 

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