On Friday the family went out swimming with my mum, dad and nephews. This is only Alice’s second time swimming. She still isn’t sure about it, but gained in confidence as time went on. But in comparison to nephew Joe she’s doing wonderfully. Joe tried to climb up my dad to get out the pool. 

After we went back for lunch. Alice was keen to look out at the garden, watching her grandad being silly.

My parents garden is looking good right now, but it was a bit chilly for just popping out without wrapping her up.

With my new lens I managed a shot of a robin I’m particularly proud of.

Robins seem to of been turning up all around the last few days. So the rest of this blog is dedicated to this little bird and a walk today.

Today I took Alice out for just a quick walk on my back in the howdah. I was going to go for a walk to the park, but needed to post a letter. So we ended up heading the opposite direction. As a result I took a chance on a bridleway down the side of the bus depot.

The path is a dream for a host of wildlife with nettles, brambles and dandelions. All cut back enough from the path to walk through comfortably. Bluebells currently edge the path.

From this point on my walk seemed to be monitored by a robin who kept just ahead of us.

Robin’s are quite well known for being little bullies. They are fiercly territorial and will fight off other robins competing for food in their area. Their redbreast is a signal for a fight and they have been known to fight stuffed robins and even piles of red feathers.

This particular robin hopped tree to tree ahead of us for the length of the short bridleway.
We could hear the song as we went along. Robins are one of the few birds who sing through the year. This goes back to their terratorial behaviour.

The bridleway took us out on the new houses that have been built recently and rather suprisingly a pill box.

Then a little further on took us out close to home. So a little investigation has found a good wildlife spot and another route to walk.

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