A little further along the Transpennine Trail

Today saw me and Alice getting out a bit further along the Transpennine Trail. This morning I finished reading Ranulph Fiennes book on Scott of the Antartic putting me in the mood to explore further. If Scott could manhaul a sledge to the South Pole I can manage a bit more of Hornsea.

I started with a stop off near the mere to check out the sheep. The mothers are out protecting their lambs currently. Alice seems to find them funny when we’ve visited before and today was no different sat giggling in her pram.



From there we had a little stroll along the main road before joining the trail. It was sunny today but that section is nicely shaded for Alice.


The trail was rich in wildlife today with many birds, bees, flies and butterflies out.

My new lens helped cature some photos I would if struggled to get before. In order a peacock, a red admiral and what I think is a small white.



Butterfly 2

Part of the way along is a side path coming out above the rescessed trail to a farmers field. Around this stretch was a lot of bees but only captured a few.



This side public footpath took us out at the little bridge out of Hornsea on the main road out. As there was no decent path we retraced our steps back to the trail.



Continuing on from my blog on surveys I am keeping an eye out for blue bells. Lots along the trail, but I don’t believe they are native.




On existing the trail we turned into the cemetary. I’d investigated the cemetary last year and found it good for wildlife with lots of squirells. No squirells todsy, but some lovely blossom.




We returned home along the old railway line. The station building is now houses and in my mind some of the nicest looking in Hornsea.




The last stretch home took us along the seafront where it was windy enough for people to fly kites. Alice loves the wind in her face and gasps and giggles at it.




The floral hall has built a rather nice bug hotel.


A pretty good trek out and some new ground covered. Hopefully all that fresh air will give Alice a good nights sleep as tomorrow we are heading to North Yorkshire.

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