A trip to the mere

Yesterday saw both my parents and one of Amy’s friends visiting. Me and parents got some work done in the garden and then after lunch we got out for a walk.


We started off heading along the seafront. Then went along the old railway track to the mere. We stopped off in the cafe for a selection of ice cream and cakes and teas. I had a suitably good custard slice. Alice enjoyed an apple roll. One of the best things for making her quiet to give us time to enjoy a cuppa.

At the mere tested out my new camera lens which allowed me to get snaps a bit closer than previously possible.


Some super teasel growing. I’ve got some growing on a windowsill at home that I hope to plant out later in the year. Birds and bees love it and I like the look of it, so it’s a winner.


I was able to capture a photo of one of the pied wagtails. Their numbers are apparently in a slow decline, but still a common site around Hornsea. They have been becoming an increasingly urban visitor, but the mere is more their traditional habitat.


The lens allowed me to get some nice shots of the ducks and swans on the water. While their not shy and don’t mind you walking up to them on land it’s still nice to capture them with the waters reflection showing off their lovely dark green feathers.



Amy and her friend by the boats. My dad is hoping to get the nephews out in one later in the year, so possibly get out on the mere some point for a different perspective.



Alice found the geese squawks hilarious, although she may not of felt the same way if the mini velociraptors had got close.



I’ve still not shifted my interest in crows since finishing crow county. We’ve been finding them on the bird feeders in the garden more recently, which while I like seeing them I think may be scaring away the smaller birds such as the chaffinches that I was seeing regularly.



Overall I’m very happy with my news lens. It’s allowing me to get that little extra detail of wildlife that I wanted without adding excessive weight or bulk. While nothing spectacular was captured on this trip out the lens is doing what I wanted it for.

7 thoughts on “A trip to the mere”

  1. I enjoyed all your photos and the account of the walk. We used to live near water (Long Island Sound), but now we see mountains. I have to say, I miss the water while being very satisfied with mountains.


    1. We have a family membership for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. Their very good at putting on events, but Alice is a bit young yet. My nephews have been to a few and got a lot from them. Along our coast we’ve got the RSPB Bempton Cliff and Wildlife trust Flamborough for puffin watching. We’ve also got some pretty good wetlands managed by the trust.


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