Birthday treats

Friday was my birthday. I got a few new additions to the garden. My parents had visited Thursday and had helped dig over one of the last sections of the border that I hadn’t touched since moving in. It was looking much neater for that.


They bought me a hebe. I’ve already seen a few bees starting to scout it out. I got it planted in next to the apple tree.

I spent a bit of time Saturday digging out near the shed. I’ve removed one of the spikier bushes and put in some ferns in the shade. I like ferns leaves. Interesting architecturally leaf shapes and interesting in terms of adaptation.They are replacing some of the leaf cover for the birds I removed and help stop some of the dandelions coming back.

I was also bought a camellia (Dr. King) for my birthday, which I’ve placed the other side of the apple tree. This gives this border a few more evergreen plants as it was a bit bare this Winter. So it’ll be nice to have a bit more green through the year and as most are late flowering it may give some colour late on.


A few bedding plants (primula, saxifraga).

I also put in some further bulbs and seeds. Some Dahlia’s near the camellia and some gladioli and lupin  near the hebe. Start to get a bit of colour into the newly dug over border. The daffodils both in the pots on the patio and in the border at the bottom of the garden are getting past their best now, but have added some cheer. Hopefully by next year have a few more Spring flowering plants going. The bluebells came up, but won’t be until next year they flower.

Today we got out for a walk along the seafront and met up with one of Amy’s sisters who has just moved to live in Hornsea. We took her and the nieces back to their house by the old railway path.


Lovely sunny day today. There were plenty of birds back and forth across the path.


The local honey seller was restocked. We bought some Yorkshire heather honey.


I capture my first butterfly shot of the year. A small tortoiseshell.


The blossom is looking particularly nice in the sun. Evie was telling me how she had been blossom hunting at school, which was nice to hear about.


The roast dinner is now in the oven and I can sit back and watch the blackbirds enjoying the worms dug up by my gardening.


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