Free trees

The woodland trust are currently pushing the need to plant trees. The UK has one of the lowest tree covers in Europe. Our woodlands have been diminished. With most gardens small people don’t want large trees. Many people are turning their gardens into fake outdoors with fake grass, so trees are diminished. The woodland trust are looking to reverse the trend planting 64 million trees by 2020. They are offering free seed packs for: rowan, dog rose, alder buckthorn and holly.

The selection of what is sent to you is random, so until it starts growing won’t know for sure what I’ve got. I don’t really have space for a rowan tree, so if I find I’ve got one of the larger species it may need planting at school or elsewhere. All the selected trees offer good benefits to wildlife with significance for caterpillars and birds particularly.

Having had the free Kew Gardens wildlife seed pack last year that is now starting to grow I quite like these random surprise packs. It’s a nice idea but the various organisations offering them to help wildlife.


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