Preparing for the big garden birdwatch

Over this weekend I’ve been keeping an eye on the bird life in the local area and in my garden. I’ve had a flurry of new species into the garden the last week and don’t recognise them all. So checking through the field guides ready the big garden birdwatch next week.

I felt the need to visit the local park after my earlier post local park after my earlier post. The crows and gulls were present as always, but also snapped a pied wagtail on the goal posts and a blurry bull finch. Couldn’t quite get close enough to the bullfinch for a decent shot. The wagtail was very obliging staying still sat atop the most useless goal around. In the middle of the goal is a tree stump and just in front of that is a bog. Possibly explaining why I’ve not seen it in use.





Back at home I’ve had the trail cam on seeing what is raiding the feeder and to check it’s working ready for monitoring next weekend. Nothing out of the ordinary today, but the feeders have seen plenty of visitors, which is always nice. The blackbirds haven’t actually eaten much. They just seem to like posing in front of the camera.



2 thoughts on “Preparing for the big garden birdwatch”

  1. I enjoyed reading about your birds. We’ve had rain for 24 hours here (North Carolina mountains), but it hasn’t stopped the birds from coming to the feeder. I looked up and saw a bird I hadn’t seen in a long time, the Eastern Towhee. Finding it in the bird book was the only way I could get the name.


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