In the last few days managed to finish off, Mark Cocker’s-crow country, ready before I go back to work.


Mark Cocker takes us through his obsession with crows. He examines the variety of birds within the crow family. The crows, ravens, rooks, magpies, jays, jackdaws and choughs. He takes us on trips out rooking following the birds to their rookeries. Mark tries to come up with explanations for the social behaviour of rooks and why they form in large groups of mingled species. There was an examination of the crow within literature.

Finally he examines why his own motivation for becoming obsessed by the crows. He looks at other bird enthusiasts who became fixated on single species. Concluding that this biophilia is a way of engaging all your faculties. A way of seeing the interconnectedness of all things. It elevates your view of life.

I am rather fond of crows. They may not be fancy colours or bright, but they have a style about them. Even though there common in the park and on the journey to work I do enjoy when they visit the garden. I enjoyed learning a bit more about them through crow country, although I still feel I’ve barely scratched the surface.

A rook heading off at dusk tonight.


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