A New Years Dip

Today we set out to see the Hornsea New Year’s Day dip. Straight away we turned back round to go back in for Amy’s forgotten gloves.

Then at the end of the street we turned around to change Amy’s coat for her warmer one. Made a change from her forgetting her phone (which wasn’t charged).

As were going on the beach Alice travelled in her new howdah. It was a fairly bracing day having just finished raining.



The seagulls were struggling against the wind.


We made our way onto the beach where the crowds were starting to assemble to see the swimmers.



The swimmers marched down the beach confidently towards the water.

Then returned back from their dips looking like the D-day landings.





We then walked back along the beach to meet up with Amy’s sister Helen and family.


Windswept nieces.



Me on the beach.


Me and Amy (and Alice in the background).


Later in the year I’ll need to come back to get some seaweed

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