Family visit

Today my mum and dad and sister and nephews came up to visit. My mum brought a pressure cooker worth of turkey soup made from the Christmas left overs. Family kept Alice entertained while we got the soup on the boil. It was very tasty.



After dinner we got out for a walk through town then back along the sea front.


Alice got a good nap while walking.

Joe admiring the sea.


My dad teaching Jacob about the fish out in the North Sea.


The family.


There was the usual variety of gulls and a number of cormorants out today.



Not coming close, but seen the outlines of lots today.


We finished off with a trip to the floral hall for tea and cake. The floral hall has seen praise on the BBC in the last week for a well organised community led endeavour. We were too late for hot puddings, so missed out on spotted dick, but did enjoy my carrot cake. Then we returned home to see off our visitors.








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