Polly’s path

For a while I’ve been interested in a little snicket named Polly’s path. It runs out of the carpark of Hornsea Freeport, a small retail centre of mainly outdoor clothes shops. Today my partner is sadly very ill. She’s had a temperature over night and little sleep. She’s too weak to look after Alice. So today I just went into work to get set up for supply and then came home. I took this opportunity to go out on a long walk with Alice to give Amy a rest.

We wandered down paths I’d not explored yet and eventually found our way to Freeport and Polly’s path. Polly’s path took us down a delightful little tree lined snicket. Along the way I found a few conkers for my Autumn tray in school.



At the end of the path I discovered a small cemetery, Edenfield cemetery. The cemetery has some wonderful flower displays and a nice aisle of trees planted in memory of former loved ones.





Among the graves a pair of robins hopped and grey squirrels bounded around.


Alice spent the time fighting going to sleep. She doesn’t like to miss anything.


A nice little find and cut through on our walk.

We returned back home via the mere.

Along the way we saw many wasps going mad for the ivy.


And the sheep passed the time of day with us.


The birds were out in force with several people feeding them.




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