Further homes for nature

I have been trying to add further to my gardens homes for nature the last week with a log pile and trying to get the border filled to keep the weeds in check. Still plenty of empty space, but it is gradually getting filled. I’m aiming to get a greater seasonal spread across the garden. There are a lot of Summer flowering plants, but I think it will be a bit bare across over seasons. I’ve already got some daffodils in pots on the patio. I’ve gone for some blue bells and snow drops for some native Spring flowers. I’ve spread them under the shade of the tree down by the shed. Hopefully come Spring there will be a nice spread of blue and white.

I’ve built a small log pile in a bad area of weeds to hopefully suppress some of them and provide another good habitat for beetles and other creatures.


I’ve planted a couple of Christmas Rose (helleborus niger) to give the garden some Winter flowers. This lovely little plants have beautiful little white flowers that can last through December when little else will be showing.


A small patch of heather as I like having the colour through Autumn.


And a rose campion (Lychnis coronaria), which I’d grown in the last garden and loved the mass abundance of the little pink flowers in Summer. Hopefully it will do as well in the new garden.



I took a walk down to the mere today. Saw two swans standing apart from the throng of birds around the corner. Two proud to mingle. The mere is packed currently with a lot of birds possibly getting ready to migrate.


Earlier in the week Alice visited a friends house and showed a bit more interest in horses than our previous encounter.



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