Ladybird life cycle

On a walk with Alice last weekend we spotted lots more harlequins following on from my last blog.

A few people have commented to me on the strangeness of the pupa, so thought I’d show off the stages of the cycle. The bushes along Hornsea’s park were brimming with ladybirds last weekend over the hedges and nettles.

The ladybird start off as little yellow eggs on leaves with groups of eggs laid together. As part of the beetle order they hatch out as a larvae over the Summer. Sometime known as nymphs in ladybirds. During this stage the beetle does much of it’s feeding and growing.




The nymph then forms a pupa attached normally to the underside of leaves in late July or August.


A now empty pupa.


From the pupa hatches out a ladybird usually around August time. in many varieties of ladybirds they hatch out a lighter colour than they eventually end up and then darken over the first few days.

A newly emerged ladybird.


From there the ladybird will overwinter. Then around May will mate to start the cycle again.

A whole host of ladybird spotted on my walk with Alice last weekend.











Alice seemed happy to be out in the park too.


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