Horse and hound

Today me and Alice went out for a walk around town. We found a horse and dog show going on in the park.




Alice didn’t seem too bothered for horses. She fell asleep on seeing one. At least I know she won’t be asking for a pony for Christmas any time soon.

We only saw the horse show which was a suitably equestrian affair. Rosettes being presented by women in dowdy dresses and wide brimmed hats. The dog show I can only imagine is more of a wrestling match with last dog standing. There were dogs snarling at each other, straining on their leads, circling in the ring. I reckon any dog that makes it to the end of the afternoon is a winner.

There were a few stalls around the show. I picked up a nice pot of heather. Should look and smell nice potted on the patio. Along with adding to the pollen selection available to the insect life in the garden.

On the way home we went by the seafront. It was a nice day with a good view of Flamborough.

I spotted three butterfly species along the coastal path: tortoiseshell, red admiral and speckled wood.

Linked to my trip to the park the government are looking at how our parks are used. This is a chance to share one way you gain access to nature. It’s just a quick questionnaire. The more people who fill it in the better.

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