Last child in the woods


I finished reading Richard Louv-Last child in the woods. It has been quite a long time reading as new borns slow down your reading rate, but well worth the time. Louv looks at how American children have become detached from nature. The first edition was published in 2005 and has been revised since While examining Americans it is just as relevant to the UK. The book examines different reasons children are becoming detached such as law suit culture, screen time, parental fears. He covers hope the future in ways we can make sure our future generations reconnect to nature. The book finishes with suggestions of what you can do for different groups: children, schools, etc. This addition has been written for the UK edition on Kindle to name UK organisations where relevant. An excellent read for any parents or nature lovers.

The theme of the book is only becoming more important as climate change continues to threaten. With many native species under threat in the UK there are many concerns for the future if children don’t care. I’m glad to say many UK organisations are recognising the disconnection of children. Without the engagement of children these organisations will slowly die. The RSPB home for nature, the woodland trusts tree party, the wildlife trusts 30 days of wild are all excellent examples of how we can promote nature.

I’ve moved onto foxes unearthed by Lucy Jones examining the love hate relationship of foxes in the UK. I’ve read the first chapter so far covering some of the history of foxes in literature and the history of hunts in the UK. Quite gripped so far.

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