Day 30-this is the end, my only friend, the end

I finished Chris Packham fingers in the sparkle jar on audiobook. Thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about his life. Chris Packham ran a photo competition to win a copy of the book. I think the prize went to a worthy winner.

I’ve moved on to The shepherds life by James Rebanks for my car audiobook. So far heard about the difference between Wordswoth impressions of the life of a shepherd and the actuality.

“Come forth into the light of things,
Let Nature be your Teacher.”



Today I showed off the spiders I found yesterday to the class. The class expressed a mixture of fascination and mock fear. A couple of the kids have set any spare minute in the class watching with their noses up close to the tub. I released them back in the garden when I returned home.

We had a bit of excitement as we realised one of our meal worms had entered the pupa stage. Over the next few weeks it will blacken into it’s adult form as the shell hardens.


The trail cam had a quiet day. Just the robin returning. I was hoping for a spectacular finish to the month capturing something amazing, but wasn’t to be. The robin is a nice little chappy.


On the way home from school I popped into the local cemetery, usually a good spot for wildlife. The cemetery is beautifully kept. There were some rather glorious crows fulfilling their role as symbols of death.

_DSC0013_DSC0015_CSC0022In a quiet corner of the cemetery there was a decent fairy ring.  A suitable mark for a graveyard. The fairies dancing their dances in the liminal spaces between this world and the next.


Tomorrow will post what I have taken from 30 days wild.

3 thoughts on “Day 30-this is the end, my only friend, the end”

    1. I manage a good hour a day in the car travelling to work so can get through audiobooks fairly steadily. Whereas with a newborn in the house my reading time has dropped to a page a night. The shepherds life is quite an interesting insight into one type of farming. It’s interesting seeing a less Beatrix Potter centred view of the lakes

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