Day 21-mini beast hunting

Today my class and I got out to hunt for mini-beasts. Try to get our national insect week under way properly. We took our pooters out to see what we could suck up to inspect. I reckon the ant and woodlice population to took a dramatic dive as a result of my class sadly. But they are learning lots. Their level of respect to the mini beasts have definitely gone up. But it wasn’t the insects that grabbed their attention. The south fence has long wet grass where we found a wealth of frogs. I discovered a number of the year 4 girls are superb at capturing frogs. I have a suspicious feeling I am going to be brought frogs for the next week.



We found a moth with a keen attraction to one boy in the class Kept settling back onto him. Not sure what that says about his scent.


One keen eyed child found some prints.


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