Day 20-National Insect Week

Today we started our work in school on National Insect week. The kids had teaching assistant cover this morning while I was having my planning time out of the classroom. I’ve planned a snazzy bee survey later in the week which will contribute towards the Friends of the Earth bee survey. My class has also been working on gaining points towards RSPB wildlife action awards. The wildlife action awards involve a whole host of activities to encourage the RSPB’s every child outdoor hunt, from beach walks to bug hunts to writing letters to MP’s they cover a series of different elements to help nature. We have carried out a number already: sketching butterflies, growing flowers, bird watching, raising recycling awareness and a very messy session making pine cone bird feeders. This week our bee hunt will count towards the wildlife action awards as there is one point for taking part in a survey. Our bug hunting as part of National Insect Week will count for another and we are doing some litter picking for a third point in one week! I’m glad to say when I returned after dinner they were able to tell me what an entomologist was and what made an insect. A good start to the week.

RSPB wildlife action award booklet

After work I went to the post office in the centre of town and on the way back to the car took a small detour through Queen’s Gardens. I enjoyed the sight of a number of content ducks and pigeons. One pigeon seemed particularly keen to pose for photos.


And in the murky depths something lurked!


Back at home cooked tea, tidy around of baby things, then a bit of late night gardening. I found a moth in the water bucket, which I saved to put back in the ivy where it soon fluttered away from.IMG_20160620_185537

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