Day 19-Bee happy

Today has been a fairly boring day marking school books and planning lessons for next week. We are having a focus on National Insect Week. We’re going to become entomologists over the next week. The field guides are ready, the pooters are out and the magnifying glasses are ready.

We are starting tomorrow by discussing what an entomologist is and what we think we might see. Then Tuesday when the forecast is better we’ll be getting out to hunt. Then Wednesday and Thursday having a focus on habitats and making habitats for insects. Then Friday we’ll finish with looking back on our favourite and least favourite finds. Overall though leaving it loose so I can follow the children’s interests.

Literacy national insect week day 1 powerpoint


I’m using several of the lovely videos from the Royal Entomology Society to discuss our plans for next week.

With all my marking and planning haven’t had much of a chance for wildness. On the way back and forth to the car to take school books in and out I’ve logged  a few more bee sightings on the bee app. Yesterday I only spotted white tail bees, but today added honey bees to the species in the garden. I’m loving all the new varieties of wildlife and plants I’m discovering about through taking part in 30 days of wild. I’m also  getting more used to taking photos on my phone. Managed a nice level of detail on the white tailed bees wings.

Two honey bees

More white tailed bees


And a random tiny snail.



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