Day 18-The great British Bee Hunt

Today I joined the great British bee hunt which despite the similarity in title to the Great British Bake Off in involves no tasty baked good. As has been well documented bees are under many threats. Spring watch has currently been pushing the app. Friends of the Earth monitor numbers and type of bees buzzing around. I downloaded the app and recorded the number of bees in the garden. This is a nice little app. It has pictures of the different types of bees, so you can learn what the names are of the different bee species out there. I plan to take my class out some point next week to do some bee counting and could also see this being nice to do with your kids. Should be good fun tracking and tallying with the class.Trying to get the photo on my phone today was a bit trickier as the bees didn’t seem to want to be counted. I found 4 white tailed bees. Strangely satisfying doing my bit for science.

The app



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