Day 17-Feed the birds, tuppence a bag

Today my class and I set up two coconut feeders to add to our window feeder to try to lure some birds a little closer.

I took another couple of children out to take photos around the school site. They’re really keen to get a good photo of the two magpies on the field. But the magpies are too weary to let them get close.


Today I also signed up for a free online course to learn more about the soil under our feet. I completed the Open Universities free introduction to ecosystems earlier in the year and thoroughly enjoyed studying again. While probably no more detailed than the A level biology I did decade ago it was still nice to refresh my knowledge and hear some more up to date research. The courses through future learn have varied a lot. Some I’ve tried have been great, others useless, but as soils is being led by my old University, Lancaster, I am hopeful for an interesting course. It will also carry on my wild studies after the 30 days of wild sadly end.

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