Day 16-A bird on a wire



Today was a busy day at school. Report writing during the afternoon and then moderating maths after work at another school. A fairly unproductive meeting didn’t leave me in the best mood. On the way home I stopped of at B&Q along the River Hull. After popping into get a few bits I needed I took a walk down a narrow footpath enclosed by thick bushes. This took me out into a scruffy path alongside the River Hull. Littered by cans and crisp packets, and probably frequented by less than savoury character at night, might not seem like the nicest area to look for wildness, but flitting back and forth over the river were a host of birds. Bees were flitting over the bushes. A few minutes walking just a short way down the path left me feeling much more revived especially after seeing a lovely little chap in green on the wires of B&Q.




Back at home after sorting out tea, school work I did some late night weeding and enjoyed some moon gazing in the peace of the garden.


A few other sites in the garden.


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