Day 14-Budding young photographers

We started the school day today with the children entering to a slide show of photos of wildlife around the school grounds: black birds, spiders, snails and bees. I let them know I would be taking out children over the next few weeks for them to take photos of the wildlife around school as we try to map out what is on the school site. After finding several children crushing snails yesterday with glee I’d like them to learn a bit more respect for snails. While I have slug and snail beer traps in my garden I don’t take glee in killing them.

At breaktime we went out as a class into an enclosed area to snail hunt in the solid thick plants. Initially the children couldn’t spot any. After they’d been encourage to get hands on, lift leaves, check in the thick of the bushes they found an abundance in the damp wet plants. Then they were given a chance to take some photos. This largely led to out of focus snails photos, but all budding wildlife photographers need to start somewhere.

We have taken two snails into the classroom (returned back that afternoon). So we could see them move within a tank set up for them. The children loved seeing the snails foot in action through the transparent plastic. Hopefully have less being crushed for a few days as they learn to enjoy and watch rather than kill.

At dinner took a smaller group out to look for a wider variety of wildlife. This gave me some more out of focus daisies, but the children had a whale of a time. They got up closer to some of the birds, bees, spiders and their favourite the frogs.


My personal favourite.


Not too bad for five and six year olds.


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