Day 9-Butterflies

Today has been a day for butterflies. Before I left on paternity leave last month I had a butterfly home set up in the classroom with caterpillars set to pupate. However sadly for me they hatched out and needed releasing before I returned, so I was deprived of seeing them fly. The children however told me lots about them on my return. From their description we identified them from the National Trust-Butterflies as painted lady butterflies.


I feel I missed out on one of the school yearly rituals of cultivating the caterpillars and releasing the butterflies. So I have brought my butterfly guide home. I hope to set up a few butterfly feeders to attract some more into the garden. I’ve seen what I think are small whites in the garden. I want to see if I can spot any more as butterflies are not an area of entomology I know that well. However it is looking like rain, so going to hold off for now.

Later in the year can use the RSPB butterfly banquet set up.

Carrying on with the butterflies I introduced Alice to the classic Eric Carle’s very hungry caterpillar. She responded by screaming for the source of milk (also known as mummy). Hearing that the caterpillar was still hungry obviously appealed to her.




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