Day 8 feeling the grass

Today I took my class out to explore bare foot walking on the grass. Year one science targets involve exploring our five senses, so we smelled, looked, listened and felt the grass. We left off tasting it. I thought I might get a few parental complaints if their children came home saying their teacher had told them to eat grass. They loved taking their shoes and socks off and exploring something they go over every day in a different way.

We came back in to discuss how it felt and they wrote up their thoughts. In the background we had one of the Springwatch live cams on. They enjoyed seeing the baby blue tits.

It is world oceans day today. Nice to see National Geographic listed snotbot as a breakthrough innovation in saving our oceans. See here.

Snotbot was done as a kickstarter campaign. People pledged money to give the money to allow drones to be bought to monitor whales. Rather than the more invasive techniques of need to get close to the whales the snot bot can take samples without touching. The snotbots are drones that can hover over the blow hole and take samples from the spray. I donated to it back in the year and it’s good to see the project going well.

See here.


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